ZANMAI Marusho kogyo inc. Seki Japan

As the worldwide reputation of the Japanese HOCHO (or kitchen knife) grows, the many reasons for its popularity grow ever more apparent.

The spread of Japanese cuisine across the globe is one of the principal reasons for this newfound popularity, as people the world over discover that Japanese food is not only very healthy but also extremely delicate.

The Japanese HOCHO is essential to the preparation of Japanese cuisine because it cuts with a pulling motion rather than by pushing. As such it does not damage the fiber of the meat or fish, and allows the user to preserve the original quality of the food being prepared.

The mystique of the Japanese HOCHO lies in traditions passed down through generations of craftsmen. These fine tools are imbued with the inherent pride and trade secrets of traditional Japanese sword artisans transmitted to today’s master craftsmen. This technical and spiritual inheritance forms the basis of present-day HOCHO production.

Given this combination of pedigree and skill it is no surprise that the HOCHO is now garnering international acclaim.

MCUSTA knives are made in Seki City, Japan, the traditional heart of Japanese sword making, and are the pinnacle of this synthesis between traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern cutting edge technology. As a vertically integrated family enterprise, our focus is on respecting the ideals and processes of our forebears through constant innovation.

The MCUSTA design team uses a 3D CAD/CAM system to design new models and create prototypes. Each knife design is meticulously evaluated and refined before it is field-tested. Only the finest materials are chosen for supreme durability, function and beauty.

Unlike most mass produced blades, which are stamped, MCUSTA blades are precision laser cut, and the components are CNC machined to assure a perfect fit. Each knife is then carefully hand assembled, hand finished and inspected by MCUSTA's team of master craftsmen.

MCUSTA knives are clearly among the finest production knives in the world!

A distinctive feature of our products

In recent years, Stainless Steel HOCHO knives in Japanese and Western styles have become very popular, as Stainless Steel provides strong resistance to rust and is easy to maintain. Professional users, constantly seeking the keenest blade possible and attentive to the proper maintenance of their knives, tend to prefer Stainless Steel HOCHO, however it is rare to find high quality HOCHO cutlery within a reasonable price range.

Ultimately it all comes down to a knife’s edge and balance: In keeping with traditional Japanese blade making all our knives are crafted with a HAMAGURI (convex) edge - the ideal form for cutting food - as it maintains an extremely sharp edge while ensuring ultimate blade strength. The edging balance of MCUSTA HOCHO products is assigned according to a 6:4 ratio.
To keep this edging balance, MCUSTA employs only the latest machines. We take pride in producing consistently excellent products, and a key part of this excellence involves maintaining an edging angle of 15 degrees.

The most important step in the production process is ensuring the best possible condition of the blade before final edging - namely, it is to produce a finely finished HAMAGURI edge through accurate grinding.

To achieve this delicate result, we have equipped our workshops with the latest technology, and our skilled craftsmen have succeeded in producing a new type of HOCHO, as illustrated below: